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Ear Infections

There are many ways that a pet can get a pet ear infection. This type of infection is common in dogs but other animals can get them as well. There are several ways that pets can get these infections, and they may need to be treated to end the infection and keep it from getting worse. The shape of the ear canals of dogs, makes them more susceptible to these infections than humans are. If you think that your pet has a pet ear infection, have a veterinarian examine them. Call our animal hospital in Elizabeth City, NC, to make an appointment for an ear exam. We at Pasquotank Animal Hospital are here to help.

ear infections

Causes of Pet Ear Infections

There are many types of pet ear infections. Some common ones are bacterial and yeast infections of the ear. It's common for allergies to something in the environment to cause these infections, but it can also be caused by an endocrine issue in your pet. If your pet gets into the water, such as being submerged in the bathtub or having water poured over their head, this can cause problems in some pets. It can lead to water getting trapped inside the ears and causing an infection. Ear mites can also get into the ears and cause infections, this includes in cats. Ear infections can be painful for pets, so it's important to get them treatment as early as possible. This requires monitoring your pet's health and behaviors and looking for any signs that they have an ear infection. They may need to have a liquid medicine that is applied to the ears to kill the infection. If the infection is worse, they may need more treatment inside the ears. 

Symptoms of Ear Infections 

The symptoms that cats and dogs develop when they have an ear infection can be slightly different. In dogs, the ears may have a dark-colored discharge or an unpleasant odor may emanate from the ears. The ear canal can swell up or turn red. The ears may itch and cause the dog to scratch them a lot. They may also have pain in their ears that causes them to constantly shake their head. You may also see scabs in their ears. In cats, the ear canals are highly sensitive. Cats who have an infection will often scratch at their ears and/or shake their heads because of itchiness and pain. They may do this to try to get the fluid and debris out of their ears. The ears can get inflamed and may emit an odor. A discharge that is yellow or black may appear in the ears. 

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