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Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Conditions in Pets

Frequent urination and bladder infections are common in pets and can affect all ages and breeds. Our veterinarians at Pasquotank Animal Hospital - AVG in Elizabeth City, NC, are here to help your cat or dog find relief and live a healthy life. We specialize in diagnosing and treating a range of urinary tract conditions in pets and you can learn more about treatments and the services that we offer below: 


Understanding Frequent Urination and Bladder Infections in Pets

Frequent urination and bladder infections are often caused by bacteria that enter the urinary tract. These conditions can cause a range of symptoms, such as painful urination, blood in the urine, and frequent trips outside or their litter box.

At Pasquotank Animal Hospital - AVG, we understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract conditions in pets. When you visit us, our veterinarians can perform necessary tests to determine a diagnosis and to provide the necessary treatment.

Comprehensive Pet Care Services

We offer a wide range of pet care services to help treat your pets and keep them healthy. In addition to diagnosing urinary tract conditions, we provide routine wellness exams, vaccinations, dental care, and surgery.

Our team of experienced veterinarians is committed to providing our patients with individualized care. We understand that every pet is different and we work closely with you to address your concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan that can provide them relief.

Expert Veterinary Care

At Pasquotank Animal Hospital - AVG, we are dedicated to providing expert veterinary care to our patients in Elizabeth City, NC, and the surrounding areas. Our team is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest advances in veterinary medicine and using the latest technologies to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Whether your pet needs treatment for frequent urination, bladder infections, or other conditions, we are here to assist. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible care, using a comprehensive approach so your pet can achieve long-lasting results and improve their overall health.

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