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Pet Vaccinations

Becoming a pet owner means caring for your companion and taking care of his heath. This goes beyond food, shelter, and companionship. You should also be ready to cover the necessary puppy or kitten vaccinations. Here at Pasquotank Animal Hospital, we can help make it easier for pet owners in Elizabeth City, NC, to fulfill their responsibilities.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations can be a confusing topic for new pet owners. Learn more about this type of kitten or puppy care by continuing below. A “veterinarian near me” is here to help.

What Are the Required Puppy or Kitten Vaccinations?

Core vaccines are regarded as the must-have kitten or puppy vaccinations. It is important to get your pet's core vaccines to keep him safe from certain life-threatening conditions.

Some core puppy vaccines provide protection against canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus, distemper, and rabies. Meanwhile, the core vaccinations for kittens can help protect against feline calicivirus, feline distemper, feline herpesvirus, and rabies.

A veterinarian on our team may also recommend non-core vaccines. Non-core vaccinations are not recommended for all pets and we may only deem them necessary based on your pet’s lifestyle and location.

When Should You Get Your Pet Vaccinated?

Timely vaccinations are important to proper puppy or kitten care. So, when should your pet start receiving vaccinations?

Generally speaking, it is a good idea for your pet to be vaccinated early on in his life. The exact time that your pet should be vaccinated may vary and a veterinarian on our veterinary team can help you get the right answer

Vaccine schedules should also be followed for adult pets. If you adopted your adult pet, you should do what you can to secure his vaccine records or history so that you know which vaccines they should or shouldn’t get.

Get Puppy Vaccinations, Kitten Vaccinations, Puppy Care, and Kitten Care from a Veterinarian

Be a responsible pet owner and follow your pet’s recommended vaccine schedule. Get in touch with us at Pasquotank Animal Hospital in Elizabeth City, NC, and we’ll provide the necessary vaccinations. Call us at (252) 264-3371 for puppy vaccinations, kitten vaccinations, puppy care, and kitten care from a “veterinarian near me.”