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Pet Surgery

When Emergency Pet Surgery Might Be Needed

There is a high chance that your pet will require surgery at a pet hospital at some point in its life. Your pet may need emergency surgery if it has swallowed something dangerous, suffered an injury, or seems to be experiencing an acute medical event. It is also smart to consider certain elective pet surgeries, such as spaying or neutering. Pasquotank Animal Hospital in Elizabeth City, NC, can perform all the pet surgeries your furry companion needs to keep it living a long and healthy life. We can help you with any questions or concerns you may have on your pet’s surgical procedure.

Pet Surgery

You will find some situations that commonly require emergency care and surgery below. You should also seek out emergency veterinarian care if your instincts are telling you that something is wrong with your pet.

Response to a Car Accident

It is crucial to immediately bring your injured dog or cat into our facility if it was involved in a motor vehicle accident. We will conduct imaging tests to identify any internal injuries and perform surgery as needed.

Injuries From Animal Fights

Your pet may sometimes experience aggressive encounters with other animals, resulting in significant injuries. Our veterinarians can clean and repair wounds your pet suffered during such events.

Removal of Cancerous Growths

Your pet may need urgent surgical removal if it develops any cancerous growths. Our team can provide the necessary surgical intervention and treatment.

Foreign Body Removal

Pets may get obstructions in their digestive systems by eating inappropriate materials. Our veterinarians can identify the ingested item and determine the most effective approach for removal.

Other Trauma

You should contact our animal hospital immediately if your pet experiences any form of trauma. We will give your pet the prompt evaluation and care it needs.

The Basics of Spaying and Neutering

Most pets should be spayed or neutered. This elective procedure can help control animal populations. Unwanted animals are euthanized each year because they cannot find a good home. We can reduce the risk of pets ending up in shelters by controlling pet populations.

Pets also enjoy a better temperament when they are fixed. They may be less likely to get into fights. They may also be friendlier towards humans. Fixed pets will also be less likely to develop certain forms of cancer, such as ovarian and testicular cancers.

Get Your Pet the Surgery It Needs by a Veterinarian Near You in Elizabeth City, NC

It can be an incredibly stressful time for both you and your pet when it needs surgery, but Pasquotank Animal Hospital in Elizabeth City, NC, can put your worries to rest with our emergency veterinarian care. Call us today at (252) 264-3371 to keep your pet healthy and happy.