Pet Surgery

If your pet needs surgery, our team at Pasquotank Animal Hospital in Elizabeth City is here to help. Our veterinarians have years of experience handling both elective and emergency surgeries. Our animal hospital has a caring staff who will take great care of your pet.

Pet Surgery

Elective Surgeries

We recommend a variety of elective surgeries for some pets as the needs arise:

  • Spay and neuter: To control the animal population and ensure better animal behavior and health, we recommend spaying and neutering most pets. We're happy to schedule this elective surgery at your earliest convenience.
  • Muscle injury repair: Just like humans, animals can get a torn ACL, tendonitis, and other muscular issues that occasionally require surgery. Our veterinarians are here to help.
  • Dental surgery: For cats and dogs, it's often recommended to remove a tooth rather than let any kind of decay or infection worsen. We can perform the extraction at our animal hospital.

Emergency Surgeries

If your pet has recently experienced trauma or if their chronic condition has made life painful or difficult for them, it is time for them to undergo emergency surgery. We can quickly evaluate your pet and provide information to help you decide if surgery is the appropriate solution. Emergency surgical treatments performed by veterinarians at our animal hospital include:

  • Car accident response: If your dog or cat has been involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, it's vital that we see them right away. The faster you can get your pet to our veterinarians, the better their chances. We will conduct imaging tests to determine whether there are any internal images, then do our best to help your animal with surgery and pain management.
  • Animal fight injuries: From time to time, animals will have negative interactions with one another, resulting in a fight that comes with some serious injuries. Our veterinarians can clean and repair the wounds.
  • Cancerous growth removal: If your pet has cancer and the growth escalates, emergency surgical removal may be necessary.
  • Foreign body removal: Pets often ingest materials they should not, which can create obstructions in their intestines and digestive tracts. Our veterinarians will figure out what your pet ate and how best to remove it.
  • Other trauma: Pets can often experience accidents around the house or outdoors. If your pet has encountered any sort of trauma, call our animal hospital right away. 

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